Everything we do is driven by the needs and dreams of real people. Some agencies might call them clients. We like to think of them as people. We position brands and architect communication plans with someone in mind — a young student overwhelmed by her college options, or an arts enthusiast seeking alternatives to mainstream society's definitions of beauty. It takes more than great design to make a design agency successful. It takes a stubborn desire to do justice to your cause.

Since 2000, DISTINC_ has attracted bright, engaged, restless individuals. It takes an unconventional team to deliver unconventional work.

Jean-Marc Durviaux
Founder / Chief Creative Officer

Durviaux has an idealistic approach to branding and marketing. He has a strong belief that design not only plays an integral part in today’s business but also an important role in society. He is convinced that good design can change behavior and has contributed his expertise to numerous organizations in education, medical research, culture, and the arts.

Since 2000, Jean-Marc has guided the DISTINC_ team getting immersed in institutions' unique contexts. He has helped the agency build an impeccable track record at capturing the essence of brands, positioning them for success, and architecting game-changing communications strategies to raise awareness, participation, and most importantly to raise much-needed funds.

Jean-Marc’s work in design and advertising has been honored by the Creative Club of Belgium, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, the Type Directors Club of New York, the Society of Publication Designers, the British Photography Academy, Print magazine, Communications Arts, and Rotovision publishing.

Daniel Schludi
Creative Director

Mastering design, typography, web best practices, photography, 3D modeling, and print, Daniel's skillset mirrors DISTINC's integrated approach to branding. Over the years, Daniel helped shape brands and web environments for The Broad Stage, Skirball Cultural Center,

Valley Performing Arts Center, and  LA Stage Alliance. Schludi studied in Germany and Switzerland, which lead to work in Portugal for Experimental Design, as well as the Graphic Design Festival Chaumont in France. Daniel’s talent in the fields of graphic design and

photography has been featured in "PS I Love Art" in Shanghai as well as the Science and Art Fair at Flux Factory in New York. Daniel won the 2015 German Design Award and his work has been published in Helmut the New York Times Magazine, and Niggli's Yearbook of Type I.

Brooke Irish
Design Lead

Brooke combines engaging form-making with a thoughtful, research-based design work. This manifests in a variety of formats, including:  branding and communications systems, typography and layout, web interface design,

publication design (print and screen), event coordination, teaching and self-initiated projects developed from concept to completion. Her contribution to DISTINC_ work to date has included branding for the Lycée International

of Los Angeles, UCLA Lab School, Cedars-Sinai, Drucker Institute and Consequent. When not busy at the studio, she might be enjoying a hike, a road trip, cooking, reading poetry, or discovering new ways to think and explore.

Asa Beal
Strategist / Writer

Through the brand stories Asa writes for clients at DISTINC_ he contributes much more than compelling narratives. He crafts shared lexicons made out of common denominators for all parties to share, embrace, and lead with.

Asa Beal has successfully developed brand storytelling when partnering with Occidental College, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Chadwick School, Boston Court Pasadena, and Turning Point School.

When not exhausted from overdelivering on our many clients' assignments, Asa continues to grow a personal web platform for telling stories Popularium where he was a proud co-founder.