Asa Beal

Brand Strategist


Asa has been telling stories about the world around him since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. He continued to narrate his reality as he progressed through school and into the working world — via journalism, fiction, poetry, advertising, personal essays, and more. He is also a certified bibliophile, which has informed his communication style: greeting readers like Calvino, cutting chaff like King, sticking landings like Didion. 

Though Asa’s expertises in journalistic fact-finding, paragraph paring, and memorable headline writing are crucial at DISTINC_, it is his compassion that earns him such a natural position within our team. Asa possesses a keen ability to empathize with our clients’ complex realities. He works with them closely to distill their missions, contexts, and needs into succinct stories — guided always by Orwell’s third rule (If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.).

Asa also embraces the strategic side of the business, vacillating between long-range planning and the minutiae of grammar and style. His thinking and writing have added up to successfully steer many DISTINC_ projects, including those for New Roads School, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Occidental College, Boston Court Pasadena, St. John’s College, Turning Point School, Scripps College, and Chadwick School.  


Honest marketing.


Moments of pride.

People. First.