People. First.

Everything we do at DISTINC_ is driven by the needs and dreams of real people. Some consultants refer to them as users, personas, or statistics. We like to think of them as people. We position brands and architect communication plans with someone in mind. Because it takes more than good design to make a branding agency successful. It takes a stubborn desire to honor human connections — a commitment to help people find one another and strengthen their capacities to better their communities, together.

Just. Cause.

We partner with non-profit organizations to raise awareness for their missions and raise funds for their programs. Focusing on causes galvanizes us — as does working with compassionate people who see flaws in society and remedy them with brave visions. Crafting the brand stories that illustrate their raison d’être lets us feel like a small part of the virtuous energy that drives organizations to better the world.


It takes an unmistakable group of people to deliver unmistakable work.


Jean-Marc Durviaux


Daniel Schludi

creative director


Asa Beal

brand strategist

Oscar Meza

graphic designer


Don’t just make things pretty. Make things happen.


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