Daniel Schludi

Creative Director


Daniel grew up in Germany, the son of two teachers. This could explain his creativity grounded in common sense. He studied graphic design in Germany and Switzerland, which led to work in Portugal for Experimental Design, as well as the Graphic Design Festival Chaumont in France. He first practiced branding in Germany as an effort to implement strict guidelines for very large infrastructures to embrace creativity while projecting consistency.

Daniel joined DISTINC_ in 2010 where he has been appreciating —and generously contributing to — the pursuit of branding as People, Values and Togetherness. Daniel exemplifies the power of creative autonomy enhanced by teamwork and pleasure. His firm grasp of strategy coupled with his design development leadership is instrumental for brand visual identity, website development, and capital campaign assignments at the studio. He has successfully led landmark DISTINC_ projects including The Broad Stage, LA Stage Alliance, Valley Performing Arts Center, Boston Court Pasadena, St. John’s College, Occidental College, Mirman School, New Roads School, Westland School, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Mastering typography, photography, 3D modeling, and web and print design, Daniel’s impressive skill set naturally mirrors DISTINC’s integrated approach to branding. His talent in the fields of graphic design and photography has been featured in “PS I Love Art” in Shanghai as well as the Science and Art Fair at Flux Factory in New York. His work has received numerous international Awards and has been published in Helmut Schuster Neue Bilder, New York Times Magazine, and Niggli’s Yearbook of Type I.


People. First.

Emotional capitalism.


Moments of pride.