Oscar Meza

Graphic Designer


Oscar grew up in San Diego, a middle child in a tight-knit family of six brothers. Family has anchored him in Southern California, as has the beach, which he calls his “sanctuary.” He progressed up the coast to Cal State Long Beach, where his graphic design skills and sensibilities matured along the way to his BFA. A former breakdancer and current jiu-jitsu practitioner, Oscar delights in pushing his mind and body to the limit — such as when he ran 48 miles in 48 hours as part of an exercise in self-discipline. His most illustrious achievement might just be winning the Critter’s Cross Country Cash Contest, a nationwide scavenger hunt put on by artist and personality David Choe.

The practice of branding jibes with Oscar’s personal tendencies to think deeply, question critically, and design meticulously. He derives intense satisfaction from applying creative solutions to thorny design problems. His love of type and layout drew him to DISTINC_, and he’s passionate about elevating work with rigorous typography. He’s also a sucker for elegant packaging.

DISTINC_’s newest team member (since early 2019), Oscar launched himself into the middle of significant projects without hesitation. His image-making skills are unquestionably in high demand at our office, but it’s all the early exploration and ideation he does that backs up his work with logic and wisdom. He has been a major driver of projects for Turning Point School, St. John’s College, and New Roads School, as well as contributing extensively to DISTINC_’s own web presence.


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