Each organization has a unique way of doing things — and branding is no different. It could be updating a message that no longer reflects your vision. Maybe it’s reimagining your brand identity to inspire new audiences. Or refreshing a website to keep up with the times. DISTINC_ is where it all starts. There are no rules, templates, or shortcuts. It’s about crafting your values-based brand to help you connect with your story, empower you to organize, and inspire you to drive your brand forward.

Disrupt systems of inequality.

Disrupt systems of inequality.


New Roads School

Grassroots organizing can galvanize collective action well beyond the realm of politics. It’s all about rallying a diverse group of individuals around core values they can all agree upon. When an organization peels away everything except its true reason for existence, what’s left is powerful enough to unite an entire community. This is values-based branding.


We did not hold back when writing the school’s brand manifesto. And our thought partners at New Roads — armed with convictions and a steadfast commitment to their mission — didn’t shy away from broadcasting a powerful message. That’s why we named the manifesto Commitments Booklet. It pairs 10 potent images with 10 forceful statements, declared — fittingly — in the single voice of “We the people of New Roads.”

“I don’t believe any other agency could have captured the vibe and spirit of our school. The depth of understanding DISTINC_ developed in such a short period is truly impressive. You masterfully learned a massive amount of information about our school and educational research and theory, then you did a brilliant job of articulating core concepts of New Roads accessibly while integrating the educational research foundation.”
— Luthern Williams, Head of School at New Roads
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Know your roots.

Know your roots.