Each organization has a unique way of doing things — and branding is no different. It could be updating a message that no longer reflects your vision. Maybe it’s reimagining your brand identity to inspire new audiences. Or refreshing a website to keep up with the times. DISTINC_ is where it all starts. There are no rules, templates, or shortcuts. It’s about crafting your values-based brand to help you connect with your story, empower you to organize, and inspire you to drive your brand forward.

Know your roots.

Know your roots.


St. JOHN’s College

Johnnies understand the meaning of identity in brand identity. We worked with the St. John’s communications team to integrate alumni voices and help the College reconnect with its heritage — and therefore with its core identity. DISTINC_ designed a new visual language that restores the classic seal logo, prominently reconnects with the color orange, and spells the College’s full name to move on from the questionable SJC acronym.

“Alumni voices have been central to the process of creating this fresh visual identity. We are grateful to the hundreds of alumni who were generous in offering creative ideas and constructive input as we engaged with the full college community in the development of this new identity. This input enables this iteration of our visual identity to reflect our community well: It is rooted in the beloved traditions of the New Program and gives prominence to the Great Books while giving a sense of our critical relevance to the world today. This identity expresses our affection for the college and our esteem for the transformative power of the New Program, and we hope that alumni everywhere will bear the new logo with pride.”
— Chris Aamot (SF04), St. John's College Alumni Director
Let your values be invaluable.

Let your values be invaluable.