When looking to capture your audience, sometimes the key is repetition. California Institute of the Arts tasked us to campaign for its summer residencies, which led us to invite artists to reside on campus, again and again. We started with a typographic RESIDE theme, then crafted specific narratives for each of the four residencies: Art, Animation, Filmmaking, and Acting for Film. By emphasizing bright colors and image-making, the campaign successfully highlighted a genuine CalArts experience.


"In addition to the great designs DISTINC_ delivered, we appreciated how they conducted our digital ad campaign. We loved the A/B testing, the lists tests, and the subject line tests, etc. This type of control package will definitely help our Extended Studies team in the years ahead."

β€” Jim Wolken, Executive Director of Marketing & Communications at CalArts


Each organization has a unique way of doing things β€” and branding is no different. DISTINC_ is where it all starts. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. There are no rules, blueprints or templates. It’s about crafting a brand experience with the right pieces β€” ones that reflect your vision, compel your audiences and contribute to shaping your future.

CalArts Deliverables:

Brand Context Audit
Constituents Interviews
Digital Marketing Strategy
Campaign Theming
Digital Assets Creation
Video Content
Campaign Deployment
Social Media
Analytics Monitoring