The greatest challenge organizations face is how to balance continuity and change. The Drucker Institute — keepers of business management icon Peter Drucker’s legacy — is no exception. Together we crafted a new brand built upon Drucker’s voluminous body of work, driven by his principles and infused with the Institute’s contemporary insights. Like Drucker himself, DISTINC values conciseness. Leaning into its namesake’s timeless wisdom, we distilled the spirit of the Institute down to three simple words.


It is key to understand your audience. It is crucial to know what your audience values. It is paramount to empathize with the results your work engenders. Planning to abandon what’s not working in order to embrace change is what Peter Drucker praised for decades. When it was time to put our heads together with the team at Drucker Institute to rethink its website, we took the lead from Drucker’s timeless wisdom and engaged in a process of elimination in order to arrive at clarity, simplicity, and efficiency.


"I love the clean and readable layout. It makes for very easy comprehension and enjoyable reading."

— Tim Brown, President & CEO at IDEO
on Drucker Institute's online publication for senior executives, MONDAY*


"The Drucker Institute hired DISTINC_ to develop a whole new brand platform. From our first meeting to the delivery of the final product, the work they produced was smart, imaginative, fun — and, perhaps most important, based on the incredible care they took to deeply understand what we do and the ways in which our customers perceive us. We are absolutely thrilled with the end result: an identity and brand message that is elegant, powerful and memorable."

— Rick Wartzman, Senior Advisor at Drucker Institute


Each organization has a unique way of doing things — and branding is no different. DISTINC_ is where it all starts. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. There are no rules, blueprints or templates. It’s about crafting a brand experience with the right pieces — ones that reflect your vision, compel your audiences and contribute to shaping your future.

Drucker Institute Deliverables:

Brand Context Audit
Constituents Interviews & Surveys
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Website Design
Digital Magazine
Environmental & Exhibition Design
Motion Graphics & Video
Ongoing Communication Consulting