In Los Angeles, many children spend their afternoons in baseball, karate, piano lessons or tutoring to further enrich their schooldays. But for the 70% in LAUSD living near or below the poverty line, those opportunities are rare. And for the 10% struggling the hardest in neighborhoods plagued by gangs, drugs, and crime, opportunities simply don’t exist. Seeing this need, LA’s BEST was created to provide a safe and inspiring afterschool program for these children. In order to further their reach, DISTINC_ designed a brand and crafted a multi-year campaign that reflects the hope and transformation of the program.


"LA’s BEST would not have the visibility it needs to be successful without DISTINC_"

— Carla Sanger, Co-Founder of LA’s BEST


Each organization has a unique way of doing things — and branding is no different. DISTINC_ is where it all starts. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. There are no rules, blueprints or templates. It’s about crafting a brand experience with the right pieces — ones that reflect your vision, compel your audiences and contribute to shaping your future.

LA's BEST Rebrand Deliverables:

Context Audit
Constituents Interviews & Surveys
Brand Identity Design
Website Design
Digital Advertising
Annual Report
Email Marketing
Collateral Design
Direct Mailing
Event Branding
Communication Consulting