The inherent risk of marketing is to boil things down to the detriment of depth or breadth. Case in point? The Skirball Cultural Center offers an impressive range of programs — from world-class art exhibitions and concerts to workshops, lectures, an award-winning Noah’s Ark exhibit for kids, and more. We conceived a flexible, cross-platform vernacular that raises awareness about the Skirball’s diverse offerings while simultaneously welcoming visitors to look deeper — to find a home among the humanities.


"Everyone at DISTINC_ believes that great design comes through asking questions and intimately understanding the client's internal culture."

— Jennifer Caballero, Marketing Director at The Skirball Cultural Center


Each organization has a unique way of doing things — and branding is no different. DISTINC_ is where it all starts.There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. There are no rules, blueprints or templates. It’s about crafting a brand experience with the right pieces — ones that reflect your vision, compel your audiences and contribute to shaping your future.

Skirball Campaign Deliverables:

Brand Context Audit
Constituents Interviews & Surveys
Brand Postioning
Brand Communication Plan
Advertising Campaign
Graphic Design